Describing Jesus

My husband kissed me and walked out the door to walk to his truck and begin his workday. As always, I would stand there and watch him as he got in his truck and drove away.

I looked out into the driveway, and my car was sitting there, covered in dew that glistened as the sun hit it just right. It was beautiful.

I stood there mesmerized by it. As I stared out at the magnificent scene in front of me, my mind began to wander, and I began to think about how I would describe this scene to a blind person.

How do you help someone who can’t see experience what I was experiencing?

I thought about that with my relationship with Jesus. How do I describe this beautiful experience to someone who has never seen or experienced this themselves?

I will never forget the days I heard sounds that I had read described in a book. The rustling of the leaves. The howling of the wind and the roar of the ocean.

I remember hearing animal noises for the first time that sounded just as they were described in the children’s books I read. A cow really does say, “moo.”

When I read those books, I read the words. I looked up the meaning of the words and tried to understand what was happening in that picture. When I saw the animal noises described, I didn’t realize that the animals actually said those sounds.

This hearing experience has helped me think about that when I talk to people about Jesus or write about Him here.

We can never give people an experience with what they have never gone through themselves. We can paint them a picture that makes them want to experience what we have experienced.

When I read those words on the book’s page, I wanted to experience what I was reading. I wanted to understand what it meant to hear leaves rustling or hear the wind howling. I wanted to hear the ocean roar and hear a horse say, “neigh.”.

The day I experienced these real-life sounds, my brain knew what I was hearing because these sounds had been described to me in a way that helped me know what was happening at that moment.

I want to describe and share Jesus in a way that when the day comes, and He reveals Himself to people, they know who and what they are experiencing because of how He has been described to them.

I want them to know that who they are experiencing is the real Jesus. He is the one they have heard about, and He is as beautiful, even more so than how He was described to them.

I don’t always appreciate this hearing loss journey, but I am forever grateful for the ways God has used it to show me these priceless moments that I would not understand if I hadn’t gone through them.

As we see and know Jesus more clearly and closely, I pray that we can describe Him and who He is much more undeniably.

I pray when those around us who have seen us and heard us talk about Jesus, who He is, and what He has done in our lives meet Him, that they will know exactly who is in front of them at that moment. I pray they will embrace Him and not be afraid. I pray they will stand in awe of the beauty and majesty before them, and they will have the most breathtaking moment that will forever change them.

Lord, Teach us how to describe you to others that truly reflect who you are and cause them to seek you more. In Jesus’ Name!