The Divine Adventure – Book Review and Give Away

Rebecca Friedlander is a new author to me. When I read the title, The Divine adventure, I was intrigued. Especially when it was tied to Spiritual Practices for a Modern-Day Disciple. Most of the things I have read on Spiritual Disciplines have come from a very legalistic, mundane, and boring view.

This was anything but legalistic, mundane or boring.

Rebecca takes us on an inspiring adventure, filled with personal testimony and experiences, God’s Word, and an opportunity to have our own personal adventure through thought-provoking questions and ideas for our own time with Jesus at the end of each chapter.

Every chapter in this book revealed these spiritual disciplines in a new light to me. Rebecca provided a fresh perspective on how to live each one of these disciplines out in real life.


One of the Chapters that touched me the deepest was Chapter 5 on Forgiveness.

“Are we willing to forgive those who have wronged us and “put the debt on Jesus”? I’ve discovered that this idea is a powerful key to the forgiveness process.”

This statement hit me in a very personal way and it helped me work through some areas of unforgiveness in my own life.

In chapter six: “Pilgrimage – The Lost Art Of Adventuring With God,” I was encouraged to make this life more of an adventure. It made me think of fun ways to adventure with God in my days and in what He has called me to do. Just like marriage, we need to keep it interesting and fun. I was challenged to make some plans for my times with God.

Chapter eight: “Meekness” – This chapter spurred me on towards meekness, and it exposed my heart in some real ways.

“Those who wisely govern their own hearts entrust themselves to God. They say, I could, but I won’t. I won’t control, manipulate, or dominate the situation. I choose obedience to God and wait on Him and trust in Him, believe in Him to move on my behalf.”

It is tough to wait on God sometimes. I struggle to stay out of His way. God used this chapter to remind me of the beauty of meekness and the importance of it.

These are just a few things that God used in my heart as I read through this book.


Thanks to Blog About Blogger Network, I have an extra copy of this book to giveaway. All you have to do is leave a comment here on the website by July 14th, and you will be put in a drawing to win the book. I will announce it here and on Instagram.

You can find this book, “The Divine Adventure” by Rebecca Friedlander, at any of the book stores and on Amazon. be sure to grab one! You won’t be disappointed. God will speak to your heart.