Do The Thing – Encouragement For the Go-Getter Girl Trying to Reach The Finish Line

God has a way of bringing the right books into my life at the right time. So when I was given the opportunity to join the launch team for Do The Thing – Gospel Centered Goals, Gumption, and Grace For The Go-Getter Girl by author Rebecca George, I jumped on it. I just knew this was for me.

As I began reading the first chapter, I was hooked. This girl knew where I was in this race. She knew what it meant to write for years and knew that the message God put in her heart was meant to be out where everyone could read it, learn from it, and be encouraged to continue running the race.

Rebecca is a friend who spurs you toward the Lord. She reminds us that He is our firm foundation. Nothing we do is apart from Him. She is the friend who won’t let you give up, no matter how weary you feel.

I have needed this fried, especially regarding my writing journey.

Rebecca helps us remember our purpose for the work we are doing. She encourages us to see what God is doing in the ordinary and exposes those places where we are striving instead of being still with God.

Rebecca gives us tips and encourages us ways to be good stewards of our time and how to deal with those moments and seasons of feeling overwhelmed.

She exposes the enemy’s voice in our lives that wants to discourage us and cause us to feel defeated. She reminds us of the damage of comparison and to see ourselves as the unique person God has made us to be with the individual gifts He has placed within us.

Rebecca cheers us on to stay in our lane and finish the race well.

God has used this book to expose my heart, to shed light on where I can use my time better, and to give me the boost, encouragement, and perseverance to see the things God has called me to the finish line. He knew I needed a friend who understood this writing journey, and the fruit I see in her book encourages me to envision the fruit that will come from the messages God has put on my heart to share.

I believe no matter what God has called you to do, this book would be a much-needed friend to you too.

One thing I love about this book is that there are prayer prompts, scriptures to reflect on, and questions to help you work through and put into practice what you have read in each chapter.

This will be one of those books to keep around and return to, so make sure you go out and grab one today! I am sure glad I did!

I also have an opportunity to give one of these awesome books away. Just take a moment to share with us what God-centered goal you ar working towards, and let us know how we can be praying for you! I will keep this open for a week, and next Friday, I will announce the winner here in the comments and on my social media sites.