Divine Detour – When God Takes a Different Turn On The Road To Home.

I met Lori Ann Wood several years ago at a Writer’s retreat. From the moment I met her, I knew there was something very sweet and special about this lady. As I got to know her and heard her story more, it made me want to get to know her a little deeper.

We have shared a love of writing, and this year her first book got published officially and I am here to tell you about it!

This book is about the detour in Lori’s life that God led her on. As Lori goes through a serious medical diagnosis and begins a journey she never expected to be on; there is another journey going on in the depths of her heart as she leans into God through it all.

This beautifully covered book has 40 essays tucked in between. Lori’s writing is gentle and transparent, and it transports you to where she is in those moments. I could not put this book down. It was one of those that you just wanted to go pick up to keep reading. It was like having coffee with a friend many days, sitting there encouraging me through my own detour season.

I am going through it a second time with the companion journal. This journal helps you walk through your own personal journey with God in the detours of your life. God is using this journal to bring me deeper with Him and help me develop a more intense love and trust for the God I walk with in this life.

I encourage everyone to get a copy of this book and to take the next step to get the companion journal. You will be blessed, and I believe you will walk away with a hope that is life-sustaining and that will help you finish the race we have been called to run in this life here on earth.