Taking Small Steps Forward to the Dream

Where to begin was the question I began asking as I started this journey. I began educating myself and looking at different ways to create a blog.

At the same time, I was looking into places to learn about writing and how to become a writer. After looking around, I went with the COMPEL program through Proverbs 31 Ministries.

I am very glad I made that decision. I learned a lot about writing, the process, the skills, and all of that, but best of all, I made some of the greatest relationships with women writers, with whom I am still connected today. I have seen many of them author their first books and more as well as had the proviledge of being a part of their book launches.

I also have to give Kayla credit for helping me work through the title of my blog, A Renewed Creation. I was struggling to get it to where I wanted it, and she helped me work that through.

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After getting the website going, I got on Facebook. Facebook was still somewhat new at that point, and Instagram wasn’t around yet. I also got on Pinterest. That was the beginning of my social media presence, too. This was a learning curve, too. Can I say that learning algorithms are dizzying, so much so that I gave up on doing that at all?

So I had a website going and a very small social media presence, and I was tugging along on COMPEL, learning writing skills and all it takes to become an author.

What steps are you taking toward the dreams God has put in your heart? Take time to share them with us today. We would love to celebrate those with you.

I know, looking back, I didn’t appreciate the small steps back then, but they are treasures to me now and part of the journey to get here as a published author.