The Beginning of the Story

Our oldest son, Kyle, was slowly inching his way to graduating, and in the moments I allowed myself to think about that reality, panic came over me for so many reasons.

I began praying about this and thinking about what I was good at and what I liked to do. Memories began coming to mind of a time when I loved writing cards and letters, and I had found journals I had written over the years.

Around this time, blogs became popular, and email too. I began looking at different blogs and getting some emails since I loved to read, too. One that I had signed up with was Proverbs 31 Ministries. I began seeing resources there geared toward writers and those who might want to write a book.

Now, I am a girl who can dream if you let her, and I can have big visions of what I want to do, but I don’t always do well figuring out the steps to making it happen. My brain gets overwhelmed with all the details, and I get distracted and detoured very easily along the way.

I began talking to my husband about it, and now I have brought up many other things along the way and tried stuff that never panned out well, or I didn’t finish. So he was, with good reason, a little hesitant. But my husband has always wanted to see me become who God wants me to be, so he agreed to start on this path.

I would love to be here for you like my husband is for me. If God puts that dream there and it doesn’t go away, I would love to encourage you to move towards it, even if it is one small step at a time.

I am excited about sharing this writing journey and the process of putting my first book, Created to Relate: Living Beyond Religion, together.