No.thing – Leverage Your “Nothing” by Leaping into God’s Everything Book Review

Several years ago, I went on a retreat in Oklahoma. This trip was a massive step of faith for me. These women were ones I had met in one of those Facebook groups online. Many were writers like me, who had dreams to write a book. We were celebrating one author’s published book while we were there.

If you knew me, you would know this was an impossible task. My fears had kept me from going very far from where I had grown up in RI, and they never took me somewhere where I did not know anyone on some personal level face to face. I had never met any of these beautiful ladies in person ever.

I felt God prodding me to go, and it was one of the best things I have ever done. I allowed God to stretch me and take me completely out of my comfort zone.

Many essential and purposeful connections came from that weekend. I am here to celebrate and share a book written and published by one of those sweet connections today.

My friend, Esther Pannebaker, just wrote and published a book called, No.thing -Leverage Your “Nothing” by Leaping into God’s Everything.

For me, this book was incredibly timely. As I look around, I see people going through some tough things. I see deep grieving and painful losses. I see broken hearts and wounded people. I see those stuck in sin and bondage and feeling hopeless. I believe many people will feel this way.

In this book, Esther walks us through the journey of confronting and accepting our right now realities, freeing us from feeling like we have to act like we have it all together. She helps us acknowledge the pain and struggle of the waiting times while walking with us as we take each next step along the way. She keeps encouraging us to keep our eyes open to see what God is doing amid those times while doing all of this with a heart full of hope and anticipation for the purpose that will be fulfilled in the future.

Esther encourages us and helps us learn how to trust God in those “no” answers and the waiting times—cheering us on to not give up along the way, even when we feel weary.

She brings encouragement to places that have been discouraged and hope where hopelessness has fallen.

Esther shares personal stories, as well as scripture and encouragement from the journey God has taken her through.

It is easy to get stuck in discouragement and hopelessness, where it goes dark, and we don’t see the light for the next step. We feel where we are in the final resting place for us, which is not the truth. It is easy to get stuck in the mindset that what we are going through is wasted time and energy for nothing. That is not the truth either.

Esther shows us how to expose and change those mindsets where we have been stuck. After acknowledging the pain, frustrations, and disappointments, she encourages us to get back up, ask God to shine the light on the next step, and take that next step.

She is that friend who sees her sister, weary and giving up, and she is the cheerleader behind her reminding her she is not alone in this race. God has a beautiful finish for us all. We can’t give up.

Are you in a place where your circumstances are not what you expected for your life?

Are you struggling, feeling like your life has been wasted, and there isn’t any hope for a future?

Are you feeling stuck in harmful mindsets?

I know this book would be a blessing for you! Today I want to allow an opportunity for someone to receive an autographed copy for free. All you have to do is leave a comment sharing why you believe this book is for you right now and if there is any way we can be praying for you, please leave a prayer request as well. We would love to be praying with you.

God loves you, He has a beautiful plan for your life, and the enemy wants to do everything he can to distract and discourage us from that plan. Don’t give up, my beautiful friend!

I will leave the link to Esther’s website and I would encourage you to get to know Esther better. She is a beautiful woman, inside and out. I am thankful God helped me push through my fears and go to that retreat out of my comfort zone. It is a blessing to know this sister in Christ.

Esther Pannebaker has been helping people discover their identity and security in Christ as a Bible Teacher and small group leader for 16 years. A mother of four, Esther has also planted churches alongside her husband of 30 years. This author has written something sweet for you in her book. No.Thing. Esther invites you to pull up a chair, relax, and drink in words of hope, challenge, and cheer.

You can find her over at and you can grab her book on Amazon.