God’s Musical Footprints in My Life

My mom loved the poem Footprints and it became a favorite of mine over the years as well.

If you aren’t familiar with the poem, it is about a man who had a dream that he was walking with the Lord on the beach. Scenes of his life passed before him, and in some of those scenes, he only saw one set of footprints. This disturbed him, especially because it seemed like this happened in the hardest places of his life.

God reminded him that He would never leave him. It was in those moments He was carrying Him.

This weekend, I went to see a Casting Crowns concert with my sister. It was amazing! As the songs were sung, I was brought back to moments in my life and in my walk with Jesus when God used these anointed lyrics to carry me.

This year will be 18 years since I had my first cochlear implant surgery. I never thought I would be able to hear, understand, or enjoy music but that has been the miracle God gave me in my life.

All throughout my walk with the Lord, He has brought songs with just the right lyrics to speak to my heart, encourage me, and help carry me through some very hard places.

I could timeline my walk with the Lord with so many of these songs by Casting Crowns.

Tears snuck out of my eyes as I remembered where I was emotionally and spiritually when these songs came through. Many times, I felt like God had left me or abandoned me. Other times, I felt like I had used up all of my chances with Him. Yet, He was carrying me with the words He had given Mark Hall to write.

I am here to encourage you that He is true to His Word and is carrying you in this hard place. He may use His Word, your prayers, or those of others who are praying for you and with you. Other times, He uses the lyrics of a song or a book you are reading. Still other times, He may use the words, smile, or hug from a friend.

Our enemy wants us to believe we are abandoned and left alone because it is what we think or feel, but that isn’t the truth.

One of my favorite songs from Casting Crowns is Voice of Truth. I will leave you with that song today. I encourage you to take a few minutes to listen to the words and let God speak to you and encourage your heart today.