Sharing the Mess that leads to the Miracle

Thanksgiving was a sweet time this year. As I looked around, I realized I was witnessing answered prayers and miracles both inside me and around me.

I began to think about the messy pathway that had been walked to get to this place, and I found myself pondering Joseph, Mary, and Jesus’ journey.

An angel appears to Mary, a virgin, engaged to a man, Joseph, to be married. The angel lets her know God has chosen her to bear His Son.

Can you imagine that conversation between Mary and Joseph in real-time?

So technically, Mary is pregnant and unwed. It appears on the outside that she has cheated on Joseph, and I can only imagine the whispers of those around them. When we read the Christmas story, we always recite it as this beautiful and amazing moment, which it is, but there was a lot of messiness in this situation.

An angel is sent to both of them to help them know this is all from God.

I think about being nine months pregnant, riding on an animal to get where we needed to go, and then not being able to find a decent place to stay and, honestly, the thought of having a baby in a stable with animals and hay and all of that. It certainly wasn’t sanitized in the least.

I think of how many women I know would go for that. I certainly would not be excited.

There was a lot of mess in the process.

I am thankful God gave Elizabeth, John the Baptist’s mother, to Mary and Mary to Elizabeth. Mary was able to visit Elizabeth while they were both pregnant, and they were able to share this experience and journey together.

We all need at least one friend to share life with, the messy and all. It takes a special friend to be able to do that with wholeheartedly and safely.

A sweet blessing comes with these friendships, and I often wonder if this is what it was like with Mary and Elizabeth. When you walk through the mess with someone, and you stay with them through it, you often get to experience the miracles that come on the other side after waiting.

During the Christmas Season, we often put up our beautiful, put-together manger scenes, and we talk about the pretty and miraculous parts of the Christmas story, but rarely do we talk about what it took to get there.

The days after Thanksgiving, I sat with the Lord. I thanked Him for being the faithful, loving Father He is to me. He gives me the freedom to bring the messy parts of myself and my story. He comes into the mess, meets me there, and sees me through the mess to the miracle.

You can see God’s presence and provision all through the Christmas story. He provided the angel to come and talk to Mary and Joseph. He provided a friend for Mary through this scary time. God provided protection and provision all the way through to the manger and after.

I want to encourage you today to bring the messy parts of your story to God. Invite Him into those places. Ask Him to give you a good friend to walk with you through them and someone who can celebrate the miracle with you.

If there is some messy in life that you need prayer for, please share so we can pray for you. If there is a miracle happening that you have been waiting on God for, please share that so we can celebrate with you!

Like Mary, let’s ponder ALL God is doing on this journey this Season.