The Growing Season – A Year of Down-On-The-Farm Devotional, Book Review

My husband and I have an ongoing joke around the house. Whenever a friend has gotten chickens or goats or creates a garden, and he asks if I think I would ever consider doing that, I just reply with, “I support the Farmer”.

Farming has never been a dream for me or anything I would like to do. I am much better with people than animals and I can’t grow anything to save my life. However, after reading this devotional book by Sarah Philpott, I can say I would at least love to go and visit for a weekend.

Seasons have been a theme in my life over the last five years or more. Children growing up and becoming adults, loss, and grief, and big transitions have swept through our lives like a storm moving through. Leaving fragments of emotions laying around on the ground, with an array of reconstruction projects to do from the remnants of it all.

When I received the opportunity to read this devotional book, “A Growing Season”, I jumped on it. I knew this was for me to read in this season of my life.

Sarah Philpott, takes us through each season on the farm, and as she does that seeds of wisdom and truths from God’s Word are planted along the way. Every time I opened this devotional book, it was like walking through a door into another world for me. She truly created an experience in every devotional. Continually leaving me amazed at how God uses everything in our lives to reveal the truth to us and to show us who He is. He uses every experience, big or small to reveal our hearts and make us more like Him.

In addition, Sarah includes yummy recipes and tidbits about different things on the farm. There are prayers to pray and thought-provoking and heart-reflecting questions I enjoyed journaling about.

In the hard moments of this recent transition, this has been a go to book for me. I open it up, and I am taken to a place where I am encouraged, nurtured, and rested. I sit in God’s presence and leave changed.

Books have been a way for God to help me in the different seasons in life. He speaks through those who write and share the message God has given them.

I would confidently say this is my favorite devotional book on my shelf and I want to pass one on to you.

When you leave a comment sharing why you would like to win this devotional, I will put your name into a basket, and next Wednesday I will draw a name. I will announce it here, on Instagram and Twitter.

Not only is this a treasure to have on your own bookshelf, but this also makes a beautiful gift. I already have a few friends in mind to pass it on to. You can go to Amazon, Christian Books Distributors, Barnes, and Noble, or Target to order one.

Each Season is special. Each Season has things that end, and things that begin. Each Season brings growth. I pray as you read this devotional book, whatever season God has you in, that He meets you there. May you be encouraged, changed, and blessed.