Being Used By God Has Nothing To Do With Age.

How many times have you gone into relationships with younger women with the idea that you are there to mentor them and they are there to learn from you?

I have always had a heart for younger girls. If you read my testimony you will understand more of where that passion and desire comes from. I love to share with them the things God has taught me and to encourage and build them up in their walk with the Lord.

I began to get involved with the youth girls ministry at our church two years ago. We have been getting together once a month to have some fellowship and time in God’s Word.

Out of that time I have made some sweet relationships with these girls. They encourage me and build me up. They have loved me and prayed for me. They bring me out of my comfort zone.

One day I was thinking about them and in that moment I realized how much God has really used them. My teenage years were very painful, full of emotional turmoil and a trip down a path out of God’s will. I noticed that there were certain places in my heart still wounded from that time in my life, things that God wanted to heal.

The more I shared with these girls and they shared with me, I starting seeing God heal those deep, wounded places in me.

These girls that I taught, shared with, and ministered to, were the very ones that God used to heal some deep, broken places in my heart.

This experience has really caused me to go into different areas of ministry, conversations, and relationships with a different perspective.

If we go in thinking we are the only ones who have something to offer because we are the older one, we may miss out on the priceless gift God has put in that younger one to give to us.

Do we get annoyed quickly with those who are younger than us?

Do we look at others as though they have nothing to offer us?

Do we think we are so mature that we have nothing else to learn?

I encourage you to examine your heart in this area. I didn’t go into this ministry thinking I was the only one to offer something but I didn’t go expecting either and I am so glad God showed me that. I always want to be in a place where I am teachable and ready to learn through whatever vessel God puts in my life.

These girls have become the daughters I never had. They hold a special place in my heart and God continues to share His love and teach me through them all the time. The difference is now my eyes and heart are open to see and receive it more fully than ever before!

Lord, I thank you for those younger people you have put in our lives. I ask for forgiveness for ever thinking that only I had something to teach and nothing to learn from them. I pray that You open my eyes and heart to those around me who You want to use to grow me. In Jesus Name! Amen!