God’s Story In My Life

I was born and raised in Westerly, R.I.  My mom took me to church from as young as I can remember. I am truly thankful for that because that is really where my journey to figure out who God was, began.

I grew up in a Baptist Church and I went to school with many Catholic kids. I was always watching and listening to what I could, since I wore hearing aids and had a moderate hearing loss at that time. I would ask questions and looked to see how their lives were different because they said they believed in Jesus. I really wanted to understand and know about God and who this Jesus was.

I was thankful for my Bible School Teachers at church. God placed many sweet ladies who taught me but there was one very special teacher. Her name was Honor Owens. This precious woman loved on me, prayed for me, taught me scripture, and always took time to know me.

I accepted Christ at 9 years old. I was baptized soon after. I was very passionate about my walk with the Lord. I talked to Him often and studied the bible on my own several times a week. I went to youth group and was in church regularly.

I struggled socially in many ways, some due to my hearing loss and others just because I was awkward that way. I didn’t really fit in anywhere. This caused me to feel very lonely. I continued to talk to God and go to His Word everyday but I really lacked having someone walking side by side with me as I tried to figure out how to walk out my salvation.

Finally, I came to a place where I just felt this Christian walk was too hard and too lonely. I set out to see if the grass was greener on the other side. Taking one turn and then another, seeking the love and peace I needed so desperately,  I fell into one sin after another, landing in a pit so deep, it felt as though there was no way out.

I found out I was pregnant and that is really when I hit rock bottom. No matter how many people said I should get an abortion, I knew I could never do that. I knew deep down that I would live with that forever. Life wouldn’t just go on as though nothing has ever happened. I chose to keep my baby.

One night I cried out to God and confessed my need for Him. I repented of my sins against Him and recommitted my life to Jesus. I heard God speak to me in a very clear and tangible voice. He said “Keep this baby. I will be your husband and your child’s father. I will provide your needs.” It was an incredible, pivotal moment in my life. Just like that Father in Luke 15, My Heavenly Father received me and began His work of restoration in me.

I began to realize and become aware that the Holy Spirit had been pursuing me, prodding me, and was very active all along the way. God does not force Himself on us, He allows us to go through what we need to in order to come to Him, to realize our need for Him and yet He waits and does not give up on us. What a patient, loving, and faithful God!

It has been a long road. Layer by layer He has peeled off so much of me and replaced it with Him. He has
answered many prayers by providing me a husband who loves me like Jesus, one who has become a father to my son and has given me another son as well. He has blessed me with a wonderful church family, those who walk beside me and those I can walk side by side with.

My sweet friend Honor, loved me and prayed for me through it all. We stayed friends until she went to be with the Lord. I know her prayers for me were a gift from God and a protection as I walked through my dark days. Praise God for all He has done in me and all He continues to do in and through me.

I truly am a Renewed Creation because God saw in me what I didn’t see, He loved me and never gave up on me. This is my heart for you and for this ministry! May this be an encouragement to You!

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