A Cliffhanger Decision

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It was one of those days. I had heavy things weighing on my heart and mind.

My heart felt like a tangled mess. My mind was going a mile a minute, just trying to figure out a plan of action.

So I paused to just sit still for a moment.

God gave me a picture in my mind. I was on a cliff, hanging on by my pinky finger. God was underneath this cliff with His hands cupped, ready to catch me. He began to show me that I give Him my life but I continue to hold on to just a little bit.

For some reason, I need to have control of at least one small piece of my life. Click To Tweet

,He revealed to me that He was underneath ready to catch me. His desire was for me to give up all control and to surrender fully so He can be Lord of my whole life.

I fight this in my flesh.

When I think about letting it all go, a fear comes over me that paralyzes me. It feels too vulnerable. I don't like feeling vulnerable. Click To Tweet

This was a few years ago. I tried to let the pinky go but it didn’t work. I fought it and allowed my fear to paralyze me, and keep me hanging on by my pinky.

I began to think about how hard it is to hold on the side of a cliff with both hands, much less by your pinky finger. The stress that is on your body is intensive. The mental part of holding on can get maddening. Yet, I insist on doing this.

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We believe the lie that we can actually control anything.

We believe the lie that it is easier to hold on than it is to let go.

We struggle with letting someone have all of us because our hearts have been broken. Imperfect human beings have hurt us deeply. So we struggle with being vulnerable with God because we fear being let down or being hurt again.

The bible is full of testimonies of God’s faithfulness to those who walked with Him. If you take time to listen to other believers, you will hear continual testimonies of His faithfulness in their lives.

God is bringing this truth to me again.

He is asking me to let that pinky go for good. I have a decision to make. I want to give Him everything. I want to trust Him fully. I want to experience all His blessings and live in the full freedom Jesus died to give me.

I remember when I was faced with the decision about my cochlear implants. I am not ashamed to be deaf but I wanted to hear. The provision had been made available to take the risk and have the surgery.

I remember wrestling with this decision. I was scared. I was putting myself in the Doctor’s hands and trusting I would be alright. I prayed, my husband and I prayed, others prayed along with us.

We believed this was the right decision for me.

I was going to have to do this afraid. I was going to have to go in there not knowing exactly what the results would be or how the process would go. Click To Tweet

It has been a journey. I have had victories and I have had struggles and setbacks. I have had great days and I have had hard days. God has provided and carried me through it all.

I need to let go afraid.

I need to allow God to provide for me and for those I love in the seasons and circumstances of this life.

I need to be vulnerable and trust God with my whole heart.

Is God asking you to let go and surrender fully?

Let’s do this together!

Heavenly Father, we thank you for your love. We thank you for your faithfulness to us. Give us the courage to let go and allow you to carry us in this life. We surrender ALL. We let go of ALL those people and circumstances in our lives we keep trying to control. We desire for you to be Lord of ALL of us. In Jesus Name, Amen.

9 responses on “A Cliffhanger Decision

  1. Robin Hadfield

    I so relate to you Des! There is a great desire to completely let go but then there’s that tiny part that still wants to hang on with control! It’s exhausting because we are not meant to hang on to a cliff with all that weight and pressure! He’s providing the safety net of His loving hands under me and I have to just do it afraid! I am praying with you this same prayer! Thank you for sharing your heart and going to those deep places we need to acknowledge that are taunting us. He’s saying, it’s time to let go!

  2. Nancy Stevenson

    Thank you, Desiree,
    I needed that. Sometimes I don’t even know I am hanging on until something hurts or I feel under the weather. A good friend of mine often says “let go or be dragged”. Lol. Today I choose to practice letting go, despite any fear
    or feelings of vulnerability. And tomorrow I will most likely need to pray and practice letting go of each and everything in my life, again. God’s grace is sufficient and his mercies are new every morning. Praise God. 💚. Miss you.

  3. Amy

    Ah, yes, letting go of any and all control; the fear of the unknown. The “what ifs” start to pop up, and our wheels start turning. Yet, the biggest thing that stood out to me in your blog was, prayer-life is alive. Prayer is essential, as it reconnects our thoughts back into our personal relationship with Christ. Then somehow, in His perfect love, He reminds our hearts we CAN be free, to live as we LET GO and let Him guide us. We give Him our worries, He returns to us His Peace. Because He loves us so much, He does put inside our hearts feelings of “best choices” for us; so that the wrong turns are fewer, with Him. As we surrender and put Him in control, wherever we turn, He’s got us. Thank you for the reminder dear sister!

  4. Vickie Munton

    What a sweet testimony and perfect word picture to help remind us of why we are so exhausted when we hang on like that! Loved it. Thrilled to meet you through His Grace Girls and the Friday Linkup! <3

  5. Mari-Anna Stålnacke

    I love the visual: Holding on with a pinky finger. The resistance is there for sure. Thanks for sharing. Letting go is the wisest decision we can make. Yet it can be the hardest as well. May God pour out more grace to empower us all to let go. Blessings to you!

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